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MCCSS Calendar 2017-18
Semester 1
Date Session # Events
8/20/2017 Parents and Teachers
A Back to School Morning (for Parents only)
Followed by “Book Pick up and Meet the Teachers”
8/27/2017 SS #1 Regular school
9/3/2017 No School Labor Day Holiday/Eid Holiday
9/10/2017 SS # 2 Regular School
9/17/2017 SS # 3 Regular school
9/24/2017 SS # 4 Regular school
10/1/2017 SS # 5 Regular school
10/8/2017 SS # 6 Regular school
10/15/2017 SS # 7 Regular school
10/22/2017 SS # 8 Regular school
10/29/2017 SS # 9 Regular school
11/5/2017 SS # 10 Regular school
11/12/2017 SS # 11 Regular school
11/19/2017 No School ThanksGiving Break
11/26/2017 SS # 12 Regular school
12/3/2017 SS # 13 Regular school
12/10/2017 SS # 14 Regular school
12/17/2017 SS # 15 PTC
12/24/2017 to 12/31/17 No School Winter Break
Semester 2
Date Session # Events
1/7/2018 SS # 1 Regular school
1/14/2018 No School MLK Weekend
1/21/2018 SS # 2 Regular school
1/28/2018 SS # 3 Regular school
2/4/2018 SS # 4 Regular school
2/11/2018 SS # 5 Regular school
2/18/2018 No school Presidents Day Weekend
2/25/2018 SS # 6 Regular school
3/4/2018 SS # 7 Regular school
3/11/2018 SS # 8 Regular school
3/18/2018 SS # 9 Regular school
3/25/2018 SS # 10 Regular school
4/1/2018 No school Spring Break
4/8/2018 SS # 11 Regular school
4/15/2018 SS # 12 Regular school
4/22/2018 SS # 13 Regular school
4/29/2018 SS # 14 Regular school
5/6/2018 SS # 15 Regular school
5/13/2018 Last Day of SS End of School Year Event

MCCSS High School (HS) Curriculum:

HS class includes grades 9, 10 and 11.

The new policy highly recommends the participation and attendance of 11th grade; however, the students have been given an option to volunteer in class.

MCCSS offers a 3-year program.

Year 1:

Study of Quran – the focus is to understand Quran in a comprehensive manner.  The subject talks about Quran during the Mekkan period as well Medinan period.  We cover Quranic theme and lessons.

In these lessons the students will learn the following topics”

·      Based on the Quranic evidence, what is the lease expectation from me?

·      What does believing in God mean?

·      When does counseling with good apply?

·      Allah talks about counseling with patience, what does that mean and how does it apply to me?

Year 2:

Thematic Quran – We study of select topics in detail.

1.     Shame – what is shame and shamelessness?  What does Allah say about this topic?  How does this topic apply to teens? Many Quranic examples are studied

2.     What does Quran say about respect, especially to parents?  In this day and age, respect has taken a back seat and sarcastic speech is the norm.  We take this topic head-on and offer Quranic remedy to this social atrocity

3.     Prayer beyond movements – in this class, we diagnose prayer step by step and give meaning to each step.  It has been proven those who go through this class, to fall in love with prayer and not to take it for granted.

Year 3:

We study Seerah and the honor of the prophet (S).  At the end of this year, the students will have a solid understanding of why we study the Seerah, the manner by which the Prophet (S) has been honored by Allah in Quran.

We study these topics in detail

·      How does Allah honor his Messenger (S)?

·      Why is the Messenger (S) important to us?

·      How are we supposed to show respect to the Messenger (S)?

LEVEL 6 to 8

Upon graduation from Middle School, the students should be able to:

  1. Practice moral and spiritual submission to Allah and glorify His attributes.

  2. Analyze the significance of the Hijra and of the Madinah phase of the sirah.

  3. Evaluate the significance of the Qur’an and Sunnah in the life of every human being.

  4. Identify all principal aspects of the five pillars of Islam.

  5. Know the essential elements of the sciences of Qur’an and Hadith.

  6. Identify the sources, principles and key figures of Islamic Law (Shari’ah), recognize the different schools of thought and the significance of Ijtihad in Islam.

  7. Practice basic Islamic social skills and etiquette

    1. Ethics of disagreement,

    2. arts of discussion, taming voice, keeping appointment, and significance of body language, etc.).

    3. (Male/Female relations,

    4. family and marriage,

  8. Identify major events and key figures of Islamic History and civilization.

  9. Identify some contemporary Muslim countries, cultures, movements and figures and be able to differentiate between a Muslim country and an Islamically governed country.

  10. Analyze the differences and commonalities between Islam and other religions and belief systems, and identify Islamic principles that govern relationships with non-Muslims.

  11. Evaluate current issues using Islamic principles (Human and civil rights, democracy and Islam, Islam in America, the Ummah vs. international community, abortion, and medical ethics, etc.).

  12. Develop decision-making skills using the Qu’ran, Sunnah and basic values as guidelines.

  13. Differentiate between cultural and Islamic practices.

Ist to 5th Grade


Upon graduation from elementary school, students should be able to:

  1. Recognize the basic beliefs of Islam:

    1. ( Shahadah and Tawheed,

    2. The Angels,

    3. The books,

    4. The Messengers,

    5. and the Day of Judgment).

  2. Explain and be able to practice the basic worshiping rituals

    1. Ibadat (Salat/Prayer,

    2. Zakat/Poor Due,

    3. Sawm/Fasting,

    4. Hajj/Pilgrimage).

    5. Practice cleanliness in general and be able to make Wudu.

    6. Be able to perform Salat in Arabic with understanding.

  3. Recognize the pivotal role of the Quran in the lives of Muslims and humanity at large.

  4. Know important parts of the sirah of Prophet Muhammad and recognize his significance to Muslims and the world.

  5. Know the early Muslims and the early history of Islam.

  6. Learn why and how to apply essential values (Responsibility, Honesty, Justice, Courage, Commitment, Respect, Appreciation, Generosity, Kindness, and Self-Discipline).

  7. Know about other prophets and analyze their stories for important le


  1. Be able to recite, understand, and analyze simple verses and/or suras of the Quran.

  2. Memorize some important chapters and selected verses from the Quran.

  3. Be familiar with the sayings of Prophet Muhammad and memorize about twenty essential hadith.


Upon graduation from Kindergarten, students should:

  1. Be familiar with the concept of ALLAH and His uniqueness as The Creator.

  2. Know Prophet Muhammad, as the example to be followed.

  3. Know about God’s Prophets(

    1. Adam,

    2. Nuh,

    3. Ibrahim,

    4. Sulaiman,

    5. Isa,

    6. Musa)

  4. Know about the books

    1. Quran

    2. Bible,

    3. Torah.

    4. Be familiar with the Qur’an as the main source of Islamic teachings.

  5. Be familiar with the basic pillars and worshiping acts

    1. Prayer

    2. Fasting,

    3. Zakat

    4. Hajj

  6. Be familiar with the why and how of prayer.

  7. Practice some Islamic etiquette (greeting, cleanliness, and good speaking habits, (Bismillah and Alhamdulillah).

  8. Identify some essential Islamic values:

    1. (Responsibility,

    2. Honesty,

    3. Justice,

    4. Courage,

    5. Commitment,

    6. Respect,

    7. Appreciation,

    8. Generosity,

    9. Kindness, and

    10. Self-Discipline).

  9. Recognize and appreciate some practical Islamic values

    1. (Hard work and doing one’s best,

    2. seeking knowledge,

    3. love for parents, caring for the world around us, and kindness to animals).

  10. Be familiar with the following Islamic events

    1. (Eid,

    2. Ramadan,

    3. Hajj, and

    4. Lailat ul-Qadr).


2018-19 Enrollment Starting Soon

Please stay tuned for the registartion schedule for 2018-19. The details will be published soon. Priority registration will be opened first for the returning familes before opening it for the waitlisted faimiles.

Wait list is still open, families interested in putting their names in the waitlist can continue to access the Sunday School portal and create their profile at

How do I login to Sunday School Portal?


2017-18 Enrollment Instructions (For reference Only)

MCC Sunday School has introduced a new portal to manage the students, fees and curriculum information online. The system is open for existing families and the new families interested in getting their kids enrolled for 2017-18.

To access the portal please visit

You do not have to create a new username and password, instead you can use any of 4 social authentication mechanisms (Google, Yahoo, Microsoft Live and Facebook) available on this portal. Once you select a social login, you must use the same for subsequent access to the portal. Using more than one social login will be considered as duplicate account if they share same email address and you will receive  Access Denied error.

Currently Enrolled for 2016-17:

If your kids are already enrolled for 2016-17, you can use the system to view and update your existing family information any time and add new siblings eligible to start Sunday school in 2017-18. Starting April 25th, 2017 you will be able to make online payments to complete your registration for 2017-18 and confirm your spot. The payment must be made by May 10th, 2017 otherwise the place will not be guaranteed. If you are able to login as a parent but couldn't see any information about your family or kids please contact our admin staff to get some assistance.

Please note if you login to the system for the first time but do not see any existing students in the Parent Portal or don't even see Parent Portal button on the home page (only Logout is available), that means you have signed in using a different email that is registered with MCC Sunday school.  Please DO NOT create new records for your kids that are currently enrolled and contact MCC admin for further assistance.

Both parents can login to the system and access/manage the same family record.

New Families

New families can create their account and add kids anytime going forward. If you have already submitted the application to enroll in 2017-18 using the previous online application form, we request you to please register again in the new system and provide most up to date information. You will not lose your place in the current wait list. Please keep in mind that enrolling the student doesn’t guarantee a place for this year. After May 15th you will be notified by the system if your child is successfully admitted for this school year. Upon receiving the notification new families will be able to view and pay the dues online and complete the registration process. Deadline to make the payment will be sent in that notification. If you are having any issues logging in to the system or adding parent or student records please contact our admin staff to get some assistance.

Note: After April 25th new families may see charges for refundable volunteer deposit. Please do not pay until your spot is confirmed after May 15th.

MCC Membership

Please note, you must be an active member of MCC East Bay to be enrolled in MCC Sunday School. Membership form can be downloaded from here. Completed form should be submitted at MCC office.


If you have questions regarding enrollment process, please email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Note: If you know your Family ID please mention that in Subject line of any email correspondence.

Welcome to our Level One Quranic Studies Class

Assalamu Alikum Dear Level 1 Parents,

           I hope you had a wonderful summer and are ready for an exciting year at MCC Sunday School , In Shaa Allah. I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself and welcome your child to this year's Quranic Studies class and curriculum.

           It is my pleasure to participate in MCCSS Quranic Studies teaching for Grade 1 students. I am a native Arabic speaking teacher and this is my fourth  year teaching this subject at MCCSS. I have a Biology degree from Meredith College and a Medical Technology degree from Duke University. I am looking forward to a wonderful year of mutual learning experience In Shaa Allah.

         This year we will be using :

1- Ajmal Al Qawa'id Book

2- A Student's First Guide to Juz ' Amma Book

3- Hadith selected by the administration

Please send with your child every week:

- both books

- 2 sharpened pencils

- an eraser

- a sharpener

-a water bottle

         Although I always have extras with me, but coming to school prepared serves both the student and the class time.

         The main objectives for us to accomplish teaching Quranic Studies for Grade 1 are the following:

1. Learn the correct Arabic Makharij and Harakat.

2. Connect letters to form words to start reading.

3. Know the general meaning of the assigned   short Surahs and learn some lessons from the same Surahs.

4.  Memorize the assigned Surahs

         I believe parents have an important role to play in their children's education and can enhance their children's learning experience by encouraging them to learn their religion and respect the Sunday School by following the school and class rules.

My class rules are:

1. Respect the teacher and  classmates. I ask my students to kindly keep their hands and feet to themselves and use appropriate language.

2. Follow directions.

3. Raise  hand before  answering or needing help.

         Your help at home is highly appreciated and is absolutely necessary for your child's success. I will be sending out regular emails In Shaa Allah updating you regarding any home works and tests.

I humbly thank you for your cooperation.


       Please don' t hesitate to contact me whenever you have any question or concern .

I pray to Allah that this year will be a successful year for everyone.



Qur'anic Studies Teacher Level 1 a


Abeer Alkhawaja

Testing google sheet


As about 3 million muslims around the world converged on the city of Mecca to complete their spiritual journey of hajj, the fifth pillar of islam, students at our Sunday school gathered at MCC to experience our annual Hajj simulation event on Sunday September 20, 2015.  The spirit of Hajj flowed through the hall as children ranging from Pre K to high school walked in to experience the spiritual journey. 

Each class experienced all the rituals of Hajj while visiting stations decorated by the parents volunteer. Nimra, a student at MCC, shared the significance of Hajj highlighting how Hajj dates back to Prophet Ibrahim and shows the bond of sisterhood and brotherhood. Hajj brings muslims of every ethnic group, color, race and gender together at Khana Kaaba, to praise Allah in one voice. 

Anisa and Sana introduced the concept of Miqat and showed their fellow students how to wear an Ihram. It was a beautiful sight to see young children try on Ihram and read aloud the niyah for Hajj. 

Students were taken to the tent which represented the city of Mina, also referred to as the city of tents. Children visually experienced how all muslims live in very basic conditions and practice patience and kindness with each other. 

The next step was to take the children to make belief rocky desert hill of Mount Arafat. Jannat explained how the muslims seek pardon, reclaim their faith, and recollect their spirits. Children paused to make a dua for themselves and their families to mark the start of hajj. 

Students collected make belief pebbles at station Muzdalifa, and stoned the devil at Jamarat in Mina. Shaik Hatim explained the significance of sacrifice and shaving to his fellow students. 

A makeshift Kaaba constructed using black velvet cloth was the central point for Hajj simulation. It was an incredible experience for all students to circle around makeshift Kaaba while saying “Labaik Allah Huma Labaik”. Most of them were excited to learn the reward for Hajj is forgiveness for all of one’s sins. 

We are extremely blessed that our wonderful parent community came forward to help set up and conduct Hajj simulation event. As the muslim world celebrates Eid ul Adha we pray that may Allah protect all our children and our families. May Allah accept the Hajj of those who have performed it and give all Muslims the opportunity to perform Hajj. May Allah accept all our duas and grant us the barakas of this most blessed day. Ameen. ̹ 
Hajj & Eid Mubarak to you all!