MCCSS High School (HS) Currculum

MCCSS High School (HS) Curriculum:

HS class includes grades 9, 10 and 11.

The new policy highly recommends the participation and attendance of 11th grade; however, the students have been given an option to volunteer in class.

MCCSS offers a 3-year program.

Year 1:

Study of Quran – the focus is to understand Quran in a comprehensive manner.  The subject talks about Quran during the Mekkan period as well Medinan period.  We cover Quranic theme and lessons.

In these lessons the students will learn the following topics”

·      Based on the Quranic evidence, what is the lease expectation from me?

·      What does believing in God mean?

·      When does counseling with good apply?

·      Allah talks about counseling with patience, what does that mean and how does it apply to me?

Year 2:

Thematic Quran – We study of select topics in detail.

1.     Shame – what is shame and shamelessness?  What does Allah say about this topic?  How does this topic apply to teens? Many Quranic examples are studied

2.     What does Quran say about respect, especially to parents?  In this day and age, respect has taken a back seat and sarcastic speech is the norm.  We take this topic head-on and offer Quranic remedy to this social atrocity

3.     Prayer beyond movements – in this class, we diagnose prayer step by step and give meaning to each step.  It has been proven those who go through this class, to fall in love with prayer and not to take it for granted.

Year 3:

We study Seerah and the honor of the prophet (S).  At the end of this year, the students will have a solid understanding of why we study the Seerah, the manner by which the Prophet (S) has been honored by Allah in Quran.

We study these topics in detail

·      How does Allah honor his Messenger (S)?

·      Why is the Messenger (S) important to us?

·      How are we supposed to show respect to the Messenger (S)?