Quranic Studies Expectations from Parents

Goal for MCCSS Quranic Studies Program

  1. The students will be able to read Quran correctly by Level 3

  2. The students will be able to memorize Juz Amma by Level 8

  3. The students will be able to understand basic meanings of the Surahs including some Arabic Vocab.

Expectations from the Parents:

  1. MCCSS provides about 50 minutes of Quranic Education per week. This is not enough for the students to learn Quran by Level 3. We do our best, however, we expect parents to supplement this time by extra help at home or by getting proffesional help. MCC, provides multiple Quranic Classes by expert teachers like Qari Amar and Sr. Muna. Please do make use of these resources. If your child is falling behind of the yearly milestones, we will let you know promptly. Please pay attention to all updates and feedback from your child’s Quranic Studies Teachers. It is important that you keep in close contact with the teacher.

  2. To keep up with the pace of the Quranic Curriculum, we expect students to do a daily recitation/memorization of about 15-20 minutes.

  3. Hadith Journal: Students were given journals for working on Weekly Hadith. Please work on this together. See how each hadith is relevant for our daily lives.