Room Parents & Teacher Aides

Room Parents and Teacher Aides are selected by the school administration. Volunteers who are best suited for a class are selected solely at the discretion of the administration.


A Parent CANNOT act as a Teacher’s Aide (except in KG) for the class in which their child is enrolled.


Teacher’s Aides are responsible for working with the teacher. The responsibilities include:

  • Passing out announcements

  • Collecting/grading homework

  • Working with small group of students

  • Future potential teachers will be given a preference for appointment as a Teacher’s aide. School graduates are also encouraged to enroll as junior teacher aides.


  • Room Parents are responsible for acting as a liaison between the school and the parents of the class. the parents of students in the class

  • Acting as phone-tree captain for their class

  • Helping the school administration in organizing various school functions and activities

  • Coordinating meetings between teacher and parents.