The MCC Sunday School is run solely by volunteers, including all of the teachers and administrative staff. These volunteers have a long term commitment. In addition, for the success of the school we need volunteers to perform additional tasks – these volunteers have short term commitment. It is hence required of all parents to volunteer for a minimum of 15 hours in every school-year or pay $150 in lieu of the volunteer work. Most of the volunteer tasks are simple and require a minimal amount of skill. The activities and the responsibilities are determined by the school.


Sign Up sheets are available online during the beginning of the year. Look for school announcements (notice board, morning assembly and handouts) to find out where the school needs your help. Please sign-up generously – you are only helping your own child.


Parents who sign-up for various tasks such as: Event Co-coordinators,Traffic controllers, etc. MUST honor their commitments. Please think carefully before signing up for a volunteer function.


Parents and Students agree to the policies with regards to General School Rules and Volunteering as per below table.



Only 6 allowed before termination

All damages need to be paid and dues cleared at termination


  • No shows

  • Absences

  • Tardiness

  • Minor violations

No shows

Applies to parents and volunteering.

No show means either not showing up for your assigned task or arriving late.

Can be avoided by arranging a substitute volunteer for your absence.

Need a 7 days notice for any cancellations if you cannot provide a substitute

A fee of $10, $25 or $50 can be applied towards volunteer deposit for causing minor, moderate or major impact on the signed up task due to no show.

Volunteer team will assess the charges.

Charges applied during the year will be subtracted when returning $150 volunteer deposit or applying towards next school year.

Absences & Tardiness

Punctuality of family

Each unexcused Absence  = 1 strike

3 tardies = 1 strike

Minor violations

Triggered by student behavior (not following instructions, damaging school property, disrespecting teachers and Sunday school staff)

3 violations = 1 strike


Note: Enrollment may be cancelled for any violation deemed to be a major offense. A prior notice may not be offered.